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Manipulator for big loads manufactured by AR





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3D model of manipulator for big loads manufactured by AR


Examples of use

Handling of large metal sheets, marble or glass plates.

The item to be transported is held by means of suction cups powered by a vacuum generator and a small electropneumatic panel that manages the vacuum level and the security system.

The design of this type of lifter allows the position of the suction cups to be easily adjusted when the dimensions of the parts to be handled change.

Optionally, the lifters can be connected to an electric vacuum pump that is fed by the electrical grid, or by rechargeable batteries in an autonomous system.

For special designs, with a tilting movement of the load (from horizontal to vertical), do not hesitate to contact our technical department.


Security system

In the event of power, electric or pneumatic loss, the security system activates a light and an audible alarm, as well as a vacuum non-return valve, which keeps the load in suspension thanks to an accumulator tank. The security time depends on the characteristics of the material to be transported.


Project phases


  1. Study of the specifications of the application
  2. Tests with real samples
  3. Draft project in 3D for customer verification
  4. Manufacturing and assembly
  5. Final validation tests with the client (face-to-face or video)
  6. Delivery



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