Suction cups


Vacuum Cups

Currently, most industrial plants use vacuum fed suction cups in some of its operations.

Common examples are robot grippers for palletizing or depalletizing boxes of finished product.


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  • Flat suction cups

    Highly versatile suction cups, their use is very widespread in all types of applications that require a firm grip on any kind of part.

  • Bellow suction cups

    Suction cups that are widely used due to their ability to compensate for different surface levels, inclinations and curves in the parts.

    Their retraction movement caused by the action of the vacuum allows the part to be moved slightly.

  • Triple lip suction cups

    Suction cups especially indicated for handling materials with grooves, rough or irregular surfaces.

  • Suction cups for thin materials

    Suction cups for thin or easily deformable materials, such as film, paper, bags or fabrics.

  • Rectangular suction cups

    Due to their oval design, these suction cups are suitable for maximising grip in situations in which the available surface is reduced in size or for narrow areas.

  • Modular suction cups
    Modular suction cups: choose the custom fitting, body and lip for your application. Suitable for deformable packages.
  • Flat suction cups

    Completely flat suction cups to prevent the deformation of delicate surfaces.

  • Polyurethane suction cups

    High-durability suction cups for use with abrasive flat materials, such as cardboard. Commonly used in case erectors and palletising robots.

  • Big loads suction cups

    Suction cups especially indicated for handling heavy loads and/or those of large dimensions. Due to their size, structure and design, these suction cups are particularly robust.

  • Foam suction cups

    Intended for applications with high surface roughness. The foam adapts to more difficult surfaces, achieving a seal and thus reducing the amount of required vacuum flow.

  • Detector-housing suction cups

    Suction cups with thread housing for detectors of various sizes. Used for double sheet detection.

  • Special uses

    Suction cups custom designed for handling specific parts.

  • Antistatic suction cups

    Antistatic suction cups made of antistatic nitrile (NIA) to prevent uncontrolled electrostatic discharge (ESD). Commonly used when handling electronic components, they can be used for any application that requires safe electrostatic discharge.

  • Profiles

    Profiles made of silicone. Thanks to their triple lip, they are specially designed for handling very rough or uneven surfaces. Their three lips create an almost airtight seal that ensures a correct coupling and avoids the need to oversize the vacuum generator. Available by the metre or incorporated in rectangular frames.

  • Suction cup accessories
    Elements to use with the suction cups to adapt them to each type of application.
Suction cups