Vacuum generators


Vacuum Generators

AR vacuum generators have a number of very practical advantages for most applications:


  • They only need compressed air to work
  • Instant start / stop
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Very low or no maintenance
  • They do not generate heat or vibrations


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  • Vacuum ejectors

    Used in applications where a low or moderate vacuum flow is required. A good example are handling systems with decentralised generation, in which each ejector feeds a group of suction cups.

  • Multistage vacuum generators

    The technology of multistage vacuum generators allows large amounts of vacuum flow to be obtained, maintaining a low consumption of compressed air. They are used in systems with losses (porous materials or rough surfaces) where a constant vacuum flow is needed, or in systems that require short evacuation times.

  • Transport tubes

    Devices in which the solid product is collected via suction, while transport is done by propulsion. Recommended for small specific transports.

Vacuum generators
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