AR Vacuum Technology



The company

AR was born in 1975 with the aim of designing and manufacturing components and complete high-performance industrial vacuum systems.

Applied in all types of industry, our components are characterized by their performance, quality and durability, improving productivity and energy efficiency.

Our products respond to the need to optimize production processes with the help of vacuum technology.

From AR we place special emphasis on the following values:

  • Constant innovation
  • Customer focus
  • Teamwork
  • Corporate social responsibility


Exposure bar with VMDF modular suction cups and flat suction cups



Vacuum, used in all kinds of processes, industries and sectors, is one of the most versatile, economic and clean technologies that exist in the field of industrial automation.

AR stands out as a specialist in industrial vacuum, allowing us to focus our efforts on all aspects of this technology.




Our main sales channel, consisting of a solid distribution network is complemented with training in the proper use of the product, offering:

5 year warranty on vacuum generators

      • High level technical and commercial advisory service
      • Specific AR Training for our distributors
      • Fast and efficient customer service, whether to discuss technical or logistical enquiries


Antiskid contact furrows of VZIV suction pad family


Design and manufacturing

A large part of our efforts focus on designing and developing new products. The end user then becomes a partner to finding solutions that fit your needs for industrial automation products.

This desire has always kept us active in the development of new products, which have been incorporated naturally into our range of automation components and vacuum handling.

We control the entire production process, which places us in a favorable position to offer our customers over 3,000 references, multiple solutions in industrial vacuum applications. Hence AR consolidates as the national leader in industrial vacuum component manufacturing.



Product Stock

Our large stock of products enables us to offer Zero Lead Time for most of our references.


 Engraving of the AR logo on the vacuum conveyors


Pre and post-sale service

We offer fast technical assistance for pre and post-sale enquiries:





AR Vacuum Technology corporate brochure (pdf)






AR Vacuum Technology is a member of


Asociación Ibérica de Fabricantes y Comerciantes de Transmisiones Oleohidráulicas y Neumáticas

Asociación Ibérica de Fabricantes y Comerciantes de Transmisiones Oleohidráulicas y Neumáticas