Pneumatic transport


Vacuum Conveyors

AR vacuum conveyors constitute the best solution for the transport to distances of up to 20 m.


Ideal for plastic or metal, pellets, powders, or small pieces, whether they are raw materials, leftover products, or they have to be dosed, mixed, stored or bottled.


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  • Suction hoppers

    The AR suction hoppers are the best solution for vacuum transport over distances of up to 20 m.

    Indicated for materials in pellets, powder or small particles, whether raw materials, surplus products or substances intended to be used for dosing, mixing, storage or packaging.

    The suction hoppers are mounted on the point where material needs to be transported, as a feeder for injection machines, extruders or automatic packaging machines.

    Other common applications include the transport of materials in the ceramic, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

  • Transport tubes

    Devices in which the solid product is collected via suction, while transport is done by propulsion. Recommended for small specific transports.

  • Special tanks

    Tanks for the suction and filtering of liquids and other actions on demand.

Pneumatic transport