Flat gripper

  • L-VAC flat gripper

    L-VAC modules make gripping easier for muti-format materials like wood plates, ceramics, cardboard boxes, or any non-deformable part with enough flat surface available.

    With its controlled leakage holes and technical high quality foam, L-VAC modules allow to hold pieces of different sizes and in different positions, even if part of the module is out of the part’s surface.

  • S-VAC flat gripper

    Width 60 mm, lengths 400 - 3000 mm
    Fixing by sliding slot nuts
    Repositionable, quick-change adhesive foam. Adhesive leaves no residue.
    Theoretical suction force at -800 mbar, 100% surface covered, without safety factor: 150 kgf.
    Calibrated leakage holes.

    Option with integrated vacuum generator or adapter for external vacuum generator.

Flat gripper