Transport tubes

Devices in which the solid product is collected via suction, while transport is done by propulsion. Recommended for small specific transports.

  • TT transport tubes

    TT nozzles are small vacuum extractors, fed with compressed air, wich have no moving pieces in their interior.

    Usual applications are: extraction of particles, shavings
    and smoke during the grinding and machining of the pieces,
    extraction of steam and smoke in closed spaces, collection
    of thread and surplus, as a thread feeder in textile machinery, rapid hardening of pastries and chocolates.

  • TT-ES transport tubes

    TT-ES nozzles are specially designed for vacuum conveyance
    of different raw materials, over long distances. Free from
    moving parts inside them and low-cost, they are easy to install and do not require any maintenance.

    The way they are constructed, free from any narrowed
    sections, guarantees fast, safe transfer with no bottlenecks
    of material.

Transport tubes